Janus Henderson High Yield Fund (this sub-fund mainly invests in high-risk non-investment grade bonds. The source of dividends for certain share classes may derive from the capital of the sub-fund)

Core High Yield Fixed Income

ISIN IE0004446757 (A $inc)



Fund Overview

The fund’s core US high yield strategy seeks strong, risk-adjusted results by investing in transformational balance sheet opportunities. Driven by a fundamentally based investment process, this dynamic risk-aware, approach seeks to temper the downside risks associated with the US high yield asset class over a full market cycle.

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Why consider the fund?


The Portfolio Managers seek to identify high yield corporate bonds from primarily US companies committed to transforming and improving their capital structure. Our fixed income team is structured around credit industries with fundamental credit analysis driving decision-making at every level of the investment process.


Partnership and fluid communication between fixed income and equity analysts promote idea generation. We believe the size of our portfolio gives us the scale to be an active player in the US high yield credit space, while the boutique nature of our firm gives us the flexibility to invest only where we have conviction.


Our proprietary fixed income portfolio and risk-management system, Quantum Global, is integrated into the investment process at each step. We identify and measure sources of risk in the portfolio at multiple levels to confirm that the portfolio is positioned as intended.